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What is xbos?

xbos is an operating system intended to be a way to make a backup of your own
Xbox games. The reason it is being developed in the form of an operating system
instead of a regular application is because low level access to the DVD drive is
required in order to copy the Xbox game disk byte by byte.

How does it work?

Normally, if you insert an Xbox disk into your computer, your operating system
will mount it and only display video files saying to insert it into an Xbox
console to play it. Since it is mounted, the only files you can access are those
video files.

xbos will attempt to copy the disk sector by sector, to make a complete duplicate
of the game. The data is copied onto hard drive, and then burnt back onto a DVD.
Eventually, direct copying from DVD-rom straight to DVD burner, with no writing to
harddrive in between, should be possible.

How much does xbos cost?

xbos is open-source and is free

Where can I get xbos?

You can find the most recent version of xbos on our Sourceforge project page

Can I help?

Yes, xbos is currently looking for developers. If you would like to join the team,
and you are competent in C and/or ASM and Operating System development, email
the project admin at: vlavilla (at) mac (dot) com

We do not condone making copies of games that you do not own. xbos is intended to make a backup of games that you already own.

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